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September 18th, 2053BirthTrajan, Roman Emperor (died in 117)
September 18th, 2007EventPresident General Pervez Musharraf announces that he will step down as army chief and restore civilian rule to Pakistan, but only after he is re-elected president
September 18th, 2007EventBuddhist monks join anti-government protesters in Myanmar, starting what some call the Saffron Revolution
September 18th, 2007DeathPepsi Tate Bassist from the glam-rock band, tigertailz (born in 1965)
September 18th, 2006EventRight wing protesters riot the building of the Hungarian Television in Budapest, Hungary, one day after an audio tape was made public, on which Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany admitted he and his party lied during the 2006 general elections.
September 18th, 2006DeathEdward J. King, 66th Governor of Massachusetts (born in 1925)
September 18th, 2005DeathMichael Park, British Rally co-driver (born in 1966)
September 18th, 2004DeathNorman Cantor, Canadian historian (born in 1929)
September 18th, 2004DeathRuss Meyer, American film director (born in 1922)
September 18th, 2003EventHurricane Isabel makes landfall in the U.S.

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